Miami Wedding Photographers Travis Harris and his talented assistant Adrian went on an amazing road trip to North West Florida for Sydney & Kyle’s wedding on a strawberry farm! This story actually started a few years ago when they both were guests at a Miami Wedding where we were the Photographers. They enjoyed our style, and kept in contact with us for their big day. Being a Miami Wedding Photographer, it’s so nice and refreshing to be able to get out of Miami and South Florida for a change of pace once in awhile at a wedding. This wedding was all about the heart filled details, and peacful natural location that was nothing short of storybook. It was so truly refreshing to see how all their friends and family helped in the setup, and made for one of the most intimate gatherings I have ever been apart of. I think at one point during the ceremony, if you looked close you probably could have caught a tear from behind my camera.

While there are way too many great shots to post from this beautiful day, I managed to pull a few that I personally really liked.


Miami Wedding Photographer Travis Harris at it again, with another fun packed engagement session here in Miami. We got really lucky with the weather on this day, and were able to get lots of fun shots before their wedding here in Miami in a few months. One of the fun parts of being a Wedding Photographer in Miami, is that I get to goto new locations that are very unique to South Florida and it’s always an adventure!

Here are some of the images from my session with Natalie & Kevin. Enjoy!


So many great new blog posts to come in the coming weeks.. here is a really fun, and “sexy” Miami Engagement Session that we did. They wanted more of a “fashion” inspired look and feel.. and being that we live in South Florida, this was a perfect fit. Looking forward to the wedding here in Miami soon!

Giselle JimenezMarch 25, 2014 - 3:25 pm

Words can not describe how grateful we are with your work. You found out exactly what we wanted and you materialized it. You stand out above all other photographers because you put so much pasion into your job. You love what you do and that satisfaction is shown on each one of your pictures. You took care of every detail and made the process much easier us. We still laugh remembering how you laughed to make us look happier … We think that memories and moments captured on pictures have the ability to travel in time. Thank you for making stunning memories for us and our future children and grandchildren.


Miami Wedding Photographers, Travis and his talented assistant Adrian rocked a very beautiful wedding to end the 2013 season for Miami Weddings! My favoriate part of any South Florida wedding is the time we have to do the creative shots of the bride and groom. Arguably, it’s this part of the wedding day that really starts to define one photographer from another and ones sense of style is able to come through in the images. The most important thing anyone can do on the wedding day, is to allow sufficent time (communicated by the photographer) for stylized images like I have showcased below. This really adds to the overall look and feel of the day, and gives the couple something really unique apart from all the other obvious shots that are taken throughout the day:-)

Here are some of the creative shots that we really enjoyed from this past wedding.. enjoy!

Giselle MateosJanuary 6, 2014 - 2:24 pm

Omg we love it ! Keep them coming!!!! You are awesome! Thank you so much for everything ! So artistic!!!


Miami quince photographer Travis Harris gives quince’s / quinceanera photoshoots in South Florida a completely different look, and standard by comparision. Thinking about photography in general, and understanding that there are many different “styles” out there to choose from for a South Florida quince or Sweet 16 photoshoot it can get a little overwhelming when trying to decide on one. Beyond the obvious end results, the Travis Harris brand is truly based around a very high grade commercial production from start to finish, and it’s more of an “experience” then it is a “photo session”. Have you ever watched an episode of “America’s Next Top Model”? This is a pretty accurate compairision in terms of the production value, and complexity in regards to lighting, and other photography technics that are present on each and every shoot. We have a tremendous (almost endless) amount of control of how each image is captured in any location, and really allows us to produce results that stand apart from the masses, and in turn is really worth investing in.

Yviz’s mom contacted me about her daughters quince pictures in Miami, and told me that they were looking for something different, and wanted the best quality, and booked a special high end package that we offer.. After meeting with them both, and showing them some of my albums with more of my work they were happy to contract us for the shoot, and we started a planning process right away. Come to find out, we actually shot this on Yviz’s birthday, and after the long shoot we were all invited to celebrate at dinner at a very nice resturant in Brickell! Thank you so much to all of you, it was very special to not only be apart of creating imagery that will hold with you forever.. but all of you made us feel so appreciated and as a team we all had a lot of fun in the process! We felt like rock stars!

Dina BrichauxDecember 7, 2013 - 3:00 am

Dear Travis,
Thank you so much for making my daughter’s 15th Birthday unforgettable. When we contracted you, I knew you were going to deliver ” ART PICTURES,” but I was not expecting to share the day with someone with so much passion, great energy, and unique sense! You and your assistant are simply AMAZING, and like my sister said: ”Travis is a genius on his field!” As a single mother, I’m very proud to fulfill my daughter wish with best photographer possible and you contributed tremendously on her special day. Your work is priceless!
We will highly recommend you, to all our family and friends, and to anyone looking for a unique and talented photographer.

B e c o m e   a   F A N