South Florida Wedding Photographers, Travis and Adrian rocked out this very festive wedding at one of my most favoriate venues of all time. The Epic Hotel. Not only did I get to work at one of my favoriate venues, but I also got to work with one of the best planners in town Marylen Expositio. She’s really great, and a true life saver not only for the couple.. but also for all of the vendors at the wedding. This South Florida Wedding at the Epic Hotel, was.. EPIC! Also a special thanks to Lourdes Ramos at the Epic hotel for being so accommodating to all of our needs and ideas! Here are a few sneak peaks from the day. Enjoy!

Aly KoslowNovember 10, 2014 - 9:31 pm

Travis, these pictures are amazing! Mark and I could not be more thrilled and cannot wait to see the rest! Thank you for capturing our fairy tale moment. You truly are such a professional and incredible artist. We definitely made the right choice in choosing you as our photographer.


I love being a Wedding Photographer in South Florida, and a big part of that is also shooting engagement sessions with my clients. Myself, and my team have been so busy that I am trying to keep my blog updated as often as possible, and try to show new an different locations that are inspiring.. while I might not be able to post every single shoot we do (it would just take forever LOL..) this one I wanted to share! Marjorie and Juan really did extensive planning for their South Florida Engagement Session, and had some really great ideas to share with me as well! I not only got to spend time with them, but also with Marjorie’s mom who was just about the sweetest person I have met, and was so patient! Also, a huge Thank You guys for treating us to dinner during the session to re-energize! This was a great time to talk more, and go over all the details! To say we had a great time would seem silly.. we loved you both and can’t wait for the wedding! Oh! and Thanks so much for brining us to a new night time location in Miami! We are always learning new things, and new places in South Florida!

Here are a few of the images I really liked!

Marjorie & JuanNovember 14, 2014 - 6:10 pm

Travis, Juan and I can’t begin to extend you our gratitude for all your work. We love how passionate and artistic you and your team are about photography. You make it seem so effortless. We absolutely enjoyed spending the day with you and Marta. And my mom loves you guys! Seeing some sneak peeks of our photo shoot is such a tease! We are real excited to see the rest, and can not wait for our big day! We have no doubt it will be lots of fun, and memorable. We are very blessed to have you as our photographer to share and capture such an important day with us, family, and friends. God bless. Fondly, Marjorie & Juan.


When I think of South Florida Weddings, this is the kind of day that comes to mind. Wedding Photographer Travis Harris, and his assistant Adrian had a blast shooting this special event at the Boca Resort and the reception to follow at The Addison. Congratulations to the beautiful couple! Here are some images from the day! Enjoy!

Sarah and TravisNovember 6, 2014 - 4:54 pm

Travis we are so thrilled with the pictures!!! You captured so many amazing moments for us. Thank you for being apart of our day and making it that much more amazing!


South Florida Wedding Photographers Travis, and Adrian rocked this very special downtown Miami Wedding this past weekend! Both myself, and my fellow Miami Wedding Photographer Adrian had an incredible time at this wedding, the weather here in South Florida was crisp and clear and could not have been more perfect! Thank You so much Lisset & Edgar for sharing your day with us. It was touching how intimate everything was, and we truly had an incredible time!

Here are some previews of so much more to come!

Edgar and Lisset GaleyevNovember 7, 2014 - 2:57 am

Travis, thank you so much. While we knew that we chose a true professional in you to capture the beauty of our special day, it was still impressive to see you work. You are a true master of your art with an amazing attention to detail and incredible ability to put everyone at ease. Needless to say we are very happy with the pictures, as you were able to capture the magic of every moment. Obviously we will recommend you to any and all of our friends, as your work is truly amazing. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. ;)


Miami Wedding Photographer Travis Harris, and his talented asssitant had the beautiful and wonderful opportunity to shoot an Indian Wedding in New York! After years and years of working as a professional Wedding Photographer in Miami and South Florida, we finally had the pleasure of becoming apart of the Indian Wedding Traditions by capturing it all for our clients. Our Indian wedding in New York started about a year ago when Ruby and Shire contacted us to shoot their Engagement Session here in South Florida. We had such a great time working together, and they loved our style of work so much that they made it happen and flew myself and my assistant to New York for their Indian wedding! From the moment we touched down in New York on a Wednesday afternoon, until we departed that next Sunday we were shooting almost non-stop with five different events covered and scattered around the New York area. It was a marathon like no other, and by far one of the most accomplished moments I have had in my life while holding a camera.

There are so many images to share, but for now I will start with just a small “teaser” from one of the locations that I loved. The Castle. These images were taken on the wedding day from a location that I had scouted a few days before hand. I loved the warm tones in the images, and how they really capture the feel, texture and mood of the day.

Much more to come soon!

Nayeem ModanAugust 24, 2014 - 1:11 pm

Travis, I was waiting for this :) . Good work.

Rageeni DaveAugust 26, 2014 - 2:05 pm

Nice pictures

arushiAugust 29, 2014 - 1:58 am

amazing work!!!! beautiful pictures!!! cant wait for more :)

VijaySeptember 11, 2014 - 9:09 am

Very nice picture, really good

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