A big Congratulations to Amy & Neal! What can I say, this was a beautiful and intimate wedding that took place here in South Florida at the Kampong, which is a National Tropical Botanical Garden and a wonderful place to have your wedding here in Miami. What I loved most about the Kampong is that it is a South Florida Wedding Photographers dream come true! The landscape is Filled with beautiful content everywhere you turn, not mention the ceremony location is right on the water. If thats not enough, the reception is located right there on property and it becomes a Wedding Venue in South Florida that is very unique.


Amy & Neal had decided to do a “First Look” before the wedding. This was a nice idea, as it allowed us to get shots of them, and some family taken care of before the ceremony. It also allowed us to take advantage of the daylight, and they got to enjoy the cocktail hour:-)


As a South Florida Wedding Photographer, we are always trying to get the best shot or a new and unique perspective. Here above, I really enjoyed this take on Amy walking down the “isle” over the shoulder of the groom (Neal). Further, we are taking shots of other family members during the same time, and you can see here in the blog post how I have paired up the image of mom over on the right with the main image to the left. This creates a nice “story telling” feel to the imagery and is something I would do in an album as well.


This moment was my favoritre part of the entire day. This (to me) sums up everything. The moment Amy and Neal are joined and about to start their live together at their Wedding in South Florida. The facial expressions, and body language are priceless!


Congratulations again Amy & Neal, I wish you both the very best and I was so proud and honored to have been there on your Wedding Day here in South Florida!

  • Amy Wiborg LittlejohnJuly 13, 2015 - 11:36 pm

    Capturing the intimacy and the beauty of a wedding is what every couple wants from their photographer. Travis, you were able to capture the emotions, the beauty and the details of our special day while being discreet and un-ivasive to our intimate moments. The final photos are stunning and we look forward to sharing them with our friends and family.

South Florida Wedding Photographers Travis, and Chip had the pleaseure of being apart of Marjorie and Juan’s wedding day at the Biltmore Hotel. From the moment we walked into the luxury South Florida hotel room, we knew we had the makings for some killer shots! The Biltmore Hotel in Miami Florida is one of my faviorite wedding venues to shoot at anywhere in South Florida.


The private Marrick suite on the 15th floor of the Biltmore Hotel, offers unreal photo opprotunities as seen in the pics above. We have shot many other Miami Weddings at this hotel in the past, but having the right room with enough space and proper decor is well worth the extra investment on your wedding day.


As you can see, this South Florida Hotel offers the perfect backdrop for any wedding. From the beautiful landscape, to the historic architecture there is no chance for a bad image rain or shine.


Marjorie and Juans’s ceremony was held at Coral Gables Congregational, which is located directly across the street from the Biltmore Hotel in South Florida. The reception took place at the Douglas Entrance in Miami, which also offers some great picture taking opportunities, especially at night!

A big congratulations to the happy couple. Both myself and team were so happy and honored to have been there on your special day.

Be sure to check out their engagement session by clicking Here.

  • Marjorie & JuanJune 8, 2015 - 11:54 pm

    Travis, the wedding went by so quick! It’s def true what people say, that tons of planning goes into a wedding, and to ensure we enjoy our big day to its fullest with each other. Seeing all the pictures, brings a huge smile on our faces. We are so blessed to have found you! You’re work is magnificent and it truly shows in all our pictures. We are just so happy with how everything planned out, and really cherish the beautiful memories you captured, both our engagement & wedding. We are glad to have you as our photographer, as you are easy to speak with, and created wonderful ideas throughout the whole process. Thank you so much from the bottom of our heart. We will continue to refer you any family/friends & def encourage any newly engaged couples to schedule an appointment with you, as they will not be disappointed. We are beyond happy to know, that we have beautiful pictures that will last for a lifetime & we will cherish forever and share with family & friends throughout time. We are not only happy clients but also with a warmth inside knowing we made a new friend. Thank you so much again Travis, to you and your partners! Fondly, Marjorie and Juan.

One of the most iconic, and known places to take pictures in South Florida is no doubt Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. South Florida Wedding Photographers, have been there countless times over the years as it is a beautiful and very requested place to shoot. I myself have always been a little reluctant to post too many images from this location on my blog / website as I feel everything starts to look the same after a while.. in all honestly I secrately try and find unique compositions / lighting techniques whenever we go to the same location over and over again, this keeps everything looking fresh and just a bit different from that of what many others would do. It’s always a little bit of a risk when you try something outside of the “norm” but, then again this is what having fun with photography, and trusting clients are all about!

Bella, Blake you had a lot of choices when searching for a Wedding Photographer in South Florida, I am very excited and honored that we were your top pick and I hope you enjoy all of the images we captured together for a lifetime of happiness ahead!

Here are some images from our last shoot at Vizcaya in Miami, FL.


  • Blake and BellaMarch 11, 2015 - 3:26 am

    We originally met in Miami. I live in Arkansas and surprised Bella by taking her to Miami to get engaged. We decided pretty last minute to do our engagement photos while there and after seeing Travis’s blog, were hoping he could fit us into his schedule. We’ve ever done a photo session like this before and never having met Travis, we started to get a little nervous the day before that it may not turn out as great as we were hoping. That was a lot of wasted anxiety. Travis was amazing from the start. He made us feel very comfortable. He works so quickly, which allowed for us to take way more photos than we would have thought possible. He is an expert with lighting, positioning and all of the small details that go into creating great photos. We were truly amazed the whole day by his efficiency. He allowed us to pick different locations within Vizcaya that we were hoping to have as background for our photos, but also had amazing ideas of his own. We would recommend Travis wholeheartedly!

South Florida Wedding Photographers Travis, and Marta had the pleasure to be apart of Julie and Joe’s wedding to ring in the New Year for 2015 at the Westin Colonnade. Julie was refered to me by another one of my amazing clients Leslie and David, who got married a little over a year ago here in South Florida. When I first met with Julie, Joe and her parents I could tell that she had some really great plans, and some high expectations for her wedding day. I was both honored, and excited to have been awarded the contract for her wedding here in South Florida.

One of the key points I want to share with everyone as a South Florida Wedding Photographer, is just how important it is to have a timeline that supports getting stunning shots like this on your wedding day. Regardless of who your Wedding Photographer is, you need time to create beautiful imagery. Each wedding is of course different, so the time window can differ from one to the next but I do take pride in at least trying to educate each client on the amount if time it will take for each part of the day. At the end of the day, week, or in the years to come you won’t be thinking about the amount of time you allocated to your photographer on the wedding day or if you had to get ready a little sooner then you thought, or the amount of time between the ceremony and the reception. The only thing you’ll remember are these beautiful portraits of you and your family that will last forever. I promise you that.

Julie and Joe, you both are some of sweetest people I have ever worked with. You both pulled off this wedding with such grace and elegance, that if I did not know better, i’d say it was pretty effortless for the two of you. I was so happy that we had planed for, and got enough time to do all of the great shots that we wanted to do. The best part is that we are not finished working with you! I am looking forward to the after session, where we can truly get some stunning stylized shots to add to the wedding collection, and will be nice to not have a timeline to follow:-)This together with what we have already done, will make for one epic wedding showcase that I am sure will inspire others.

Here is a quick recap of the day… I can’t wait to see you both again soon!


I received the most thoughtful Thank You card from Julie and Joe in the mail. Something that I thought was lost in todays world LOL. Thank you both so very much, we had a blast!


South Florida Wedding Photographer Travis Harris, had the privlidge to work along side some other amazing vendors in this Bridal Fashion Collaboration that took place in South Florida at the Fair Child Tropical Gardens. First I want to thank Macky Diaz at Brides Of Florida, for teaming up with us and trusting our abilities to capture their wedding dresses out on location. Thanks so much to Marz for doing stunning work with both hair and makeup on location, and truly being apart of the action! Huge Thanks to Angel Perez with Rodri Studio whom provides stunning floral masterpieces and specially made both of the bouquet’s for this shoot. Thanks so much for being there, on location and also lending a helping hand. It was great to work with you, and your team! Thanks so much to our South Florida based model Vanessa, she rocked four dresses in the hot sun and kept her energy for hours. Lastly, my main man Ciprian for helping me cart around over 500lbs of gear out on location effortlessly, and keeping me moving fast!

Brides, something to think about is the possibility of booking us for an “after” session to add to the wedding day imagery where we can spend more time, and leverage even more creative tools. So before you seal up your dress for storage, your smartest move is to call me first!

Stunning images like this, and through out my site are not “artistic” Photoshop creations that are manufactured after the fact from RAW camera data. This is not my style, nor workflow for my business. Rather, they are images that have been executed to the highest level, based on technical and environmental considerations to bring out the best in my subject(s) directly at the point of capture. I personally take pride in that ability, it has taken years to acheive and has become the backbone for my brand. Polished, Refined, upscale imagery. Beyond exceeding expectations for my own clients, I hope to inspire other photographers out there that waste too much time fumbling around on the computer to correct or “re-invent” content captured in the field to producing solid, consistent results that can be turned around quickly, and will stand the test of time.

Some of the great images captured are below. Enjoy!


  • MarzDecember 24, 2014 - 1:54 pm

    Such a long day but the outcome was totally worth it! Travis, you rocked this shoot! From all the equipment you brought in to the manner in which you directed the shoot, you impressed all of us and that’s not easy to do! You’re amazing at what you do and I know that 2015 will only bring you greater success.

  • AngelJanuary 5, 2015 - 4:17 pm

    I can TRULY say that it was a great pleasure to have worked with you! I have worked with so many different photographers in the past but in all truth you are one of a kind, simply amazing and talented photographer. I was very impressed by your directions on sight to the model and each pose and angle just kept getting better and better, and all the were there were feeling that, and the images speak on their own as the results are fantastic. I hope we can definitely work together in the near future doing more amazing things. Much success for 2015, honestly recommending you to my future brides! You rock Travis!

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